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ANZ Credit Cards

Celebrate the Now

How we turned a generic credit card offer into a hyper-relevant digital advertising campaign


Our primary task was to drive applications for the ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card. 

Given the premium nature of the product, we needed to target high-value credit card consumers. The challenge was to get these prospective customers to switch when most are not actively in-market looking for a new credit card. 


We know from previous experience that when it comes to selling credit cards, promotional offers work. And recent campaign data informed us that the more relevant an offer is to the target audience, the better the response is.

Relevance of the offer is not just the offer itself, but critically it’s the context - the time and place - in which the offer is communicated.

The strategic solution we came up with was to combine media, creative, data to deliver a real-time data-driven creative campaign to maximise relevance through context.

The creative idea was to "Celebrate The Now".

We used all available data to serve the right message via dynamic creative. The three different channels used were Display, Mobile and digital OOH, with five different targeting variables: time, location, browsing behaviour, affinity data, contextual data. All programmatically optimised in real-time.

results for the campaign