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Fuji Xerox

Your Printer has Something to Tell You

How we generated high value leads with an innovative and creative B2B campaign


Convince high value Fuji Xerox business customers of the benefits of upgrading to Managed Print Services.


With a relatively small, but incredibly valuable C-suite set of customers, we focused on a suitably innovative and direct approach, underpinned by an unique data set.

Key business decision makers were first sent a link to a short film in which a Sci-Fi office printer engages a bemused office worker in conversation.

This was followed by a video brochure that played a personalised version of the film where the printer greets the recipient by name and proceeds to tell them exactly how much paper their business had used in the past twelve months.

The printer then goes on to seed the ways that Fuji Xerox’s new MPS product can increase efficiency and reduce costs, by reducing their print volumes.

results for the campaign