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The Whitsundays: A Movie That’s Waiting To Be Written

How a Hollywood screenwriter and thousands of Aussies helped put The Whitsundays back on the map


Re-build The Whitsundays’ social currency as a world-class holiday destination.


Get socially active, movie-loving Aussies to flood Facebook and Instagram with compelling ‘ads’ for the destination. Their motivation: the chance to win a luxury holiday by helping to create The Whitsundays - A Movie That’s Waiting To Be Written.

We enlisted world-renowned screenwriter Craig Pearce as Script Supervisor. We launched with a trailer, radio spots, online and social advertising. We posted a movie storyboard image every day for 20 days, and invited the public to write the scenes. Seeded across social networks, every scene acted as a compelling ‘ad’ for The Whitsundays. We reacted to the story as it developed, selecting and treating the next image according to each day’s winning scene.

As the campaign closed, a Hollywood screenwriter and the Australian public had created the world’s first crowd-sourced movie storyboard and a story universe with millions of possible narrative permutations.

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