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How UNSW became a top 50 global university.


As part of UNSW’s 2025 vision and ultimate goal to be ranked among the world’s top 50 universities, UNSW needed to shift perceptions. Rather than being seen as a ‘good’ Australian university, they wanted to be seen as a university with global influence and stature. 
Our brief was to establish this positioning and drive brand preference. 


To connect with students’ and academics’ sense of purpose we invited them to become #unswworldchangers. 

To show them what they could achieve at UNSW we highlighted the innovations coming out of the university that are quite literally changing the world and expressed these in a distinctive 3-D illustration style:

• The Bionic Eye Implant - Biomedical Engineering Faculty
• Water Purification Research - Multi-Disciplinary Water Institute
• Emergency Housing - Built Environment

The campaign ran in print, OOH and digital.

results for the campaign