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Travel Your Way

How we doubled ZUJI’s revenue in 12 months


Online Travel Company Zuji was facing increased competition across the Asia Pacific region. Our task was to create a differentiated brand position and ongoing retail platform that would enable Zuji to stand out in a cluttered and homogenised marketplace.


Almost 600 qualitative interviews were executed across Asia Pacific which led to the consumer insight that no two people travel the same way. The fact is, when you book your travel, all you want is the travel you want, the way you have in mind. You want to Travel Your Way. 

To underpin our brand idea of ‘Travel Your Way’ we wrote the brand blueprint. Before a brand can be communicated to an external (consumer) audience it needs to be established internally, amongst employees and key stakeholders/suppliers. For ZUJI Asia Pacific we created a brand book and brand film.

Drawing on key elements of the brand blueprint these tools articulated the ZUJI brand as a story, bringing to life the key elements of the brand blueprint. With these building blocks in place and the new brand platform communicated across the regional markets, our attention turned to the external communication plan

To reach our commercial goals we had to attract a different kind of customer – a customer set that would be more valuable to ZUJI. 

The brand idea "Travel Your Way" led to a detailed connection plan and channel strategy; our ideal customers were more positively disposed to online brands that advertised in traditional channels such as TV and Outdoor. 

Predominantly a retail brand, our creative executions extended brand communications into hard-hitting retail. A key part of the creative platform was a series of devices that enabled us to turn around retail communications, in all channels (TV to digital) in a matter of hours, whilst retaining our brand visual assets, ensuring that every piece of communication contributed to overall brand equity scores.


results for the campaign