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The Thank You Campaign

How we helped transplant waitlist patients say thank you for the most precious of gifts


We had a two-pronged objective - to get people to watch heart-transplant recipient Jayden Cummins’ self-directed film If I Could Talk To My Donor, and to encourage Australians to become registered donors.


We took the emotional crux of Jayden’s film - the moment five real transplant waitlist patients say ‘thank you’ to their future donors for a gift they’ll never be able to give thanks for in person - and turned it into an ambient campaign that broadcast that potent, deeply personal message across Sydney.

Our ambient media campaign builds on the idea, with handwritten ‘thank you’ messages written on bridge banners, street posters, handmade roadside notices, and on ‘thank you’ greeting cards dropped at locations across Sydney. The campaign payoff is as simple as it is powerful: an organ is the most precious gift a person can give. Our choice of lofi, guerilla media takes inspiration from handmade roadside posters and bridge banners often used to publish personal messages to loved ones - but in a very public way - usually to wish a happy birthday, welcome someone home, or even to propose marriage.

It’s old fashioned personalisation for a message that is almost too personal for conventional advertising.