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Horticulture Innovation Australia

Australian Cherries: Spit Or Miss

How we encouraged Aussies to play with their food!


Encourage shoppers to buy more cherries, more regularly, throughout the whole 100-day summer season.


Although cherries are perceived as a somewhat ‘posh’ fruit, they also have a playful – even naughty – side to them, thanks to childhood memories of cherry-based fun.

We made cherries irresistible by inviting Aussies to spit them out. We invented a game that could be played anywhere, any time, with cherries as the essential piece – we created Spit or Miss, the spit-tacular game for all the family!

1. We designed the game and wrote the official rules
2. Promoting it in store, we gave the game away as a gift with purchase
3. To kick off Spit or Miss season, we created a giant version that was played live on national TV
4. Families across Australia rejected dinner table etiquette and started spitting…everywhere
5. People then jumped at the challenge to share their spits and misses on Facebook

results for the campaign