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Mizone Zonelab

How we sold more sports water by using music to put people in the zone


Increase sales of Mizone Formulated Sports Water by 10% despite a 20% decline in the overall category.


Music has the power to take you to another state of consciousness – a place where physical effort feels easier and you perform better. This place is often known as ‘the zone’. So we went on a quest to create ‘music to put you in the zone’.

1. We enlisted an Olympic sports psychologist, four music producers and four everyday athletes.
2. We created ‘The ZoneLab’ and conducted a series of musical experiments to discover what kind of music puts people in the zone.
3. We produced four ZoneLab-tested music tracks and distributed them on bottles as a gift with purchase.
4. We shared the ZoneLab story through PR and video content that followed the creation and testing of each music track.

results for the campaign