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The Mane Event

How we kept Irish and British Lions fans watching the Lions tour when there was no tour to watch


Qantas was Official Airline for the all-important, British and Irish Lions rugby tour of Australia. They wanted to leverage this relationship to increase brand consideration in the UK and Ireland.

But unlike a world cup, the tour consisted of just ten games over five weeks. So our challenge was to keep Lions fans half a world away watching the Lions tour when there was no Lions tour to watch.


The rivalry between Britain and Ireland and Australia is over 200 years old. So pretty much everyone in Britain and Ireland would love the chance to try and beat the ‘Aussies’ at anything at all. We gave them to opportunity to do just that:

We brought four ordinary Lions fans to compete against Aussie fans in a series of five make-or-break challenges: The Mane Event.

We filmed them as they travelled around Australia competing, and created a ten part web series released on non-game days.

Bing joined Qantas as media partners, so The Mane Event was shown in the UK on Microsoft properties as well as on Qantas inflight entertainment.

results for the campaign