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Great Australians Brand

How we transformed a brand from fear to love


Traditionally, direct life insurance brands have relied almost entirely on direct response advertising. But with new players entering the market and competitors threatening their market share, InsuranceLine understood that it was time to invest in their brand.

They tasked The Hallway with rebuilding the brand from the ground up, with only the name to be left unchanged. And – with the company’s annual staff conference just 5 weeks away and a new product launch imminent – the timings were tight…


Life insurance is a negative category that leverages guilt and fear as emotional drivers to purchase. We challenged the category – setting out to portray life insurance not as an act of fear but as one to be celebrated as a selfless act of love.

We transformed InsuranceLine into a brand that sees greatness in caring for your loved ones and celebrates everyday Aussies who put their family first as Great Australians.

InsuranceLine – Life Insurance for Great Australians

This was launched through a new brand identity, three brand TVCs, nine DRTV ads, press, DM, eDM and an all new responsive website.