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emma: Data Driven Masterpieces

How we broke an entrenched monopoly by bringing the potential of good data to life


For over 40 years, when it comes to readership measurement, the Australian media industry has been dominated by a single global player. In 2013, a bold new challenger was born: Enhanced Media Metrics Australia, or 'emma'. We were tasked with its launch, and to get Australia's 12 leading media agencies to trial it.


By delivering richer, more accurate data emma gives media planners a more vivid representation of the readers they are trying to understand. We brought this compelling truth to life, by bringing data to life- literally.

We invited influential media planners to write consumer profiles from emma data, then we breathed life into these profiles using Microsoft’s Kinect technology and a specially created ‘data processing’ application.

The result was a series of “Data Driven Masterpieces” that were at the heart of our campaign.

We created a series of films about the creation of the masterpieces, and presented our planners as the artists behind the work.  The campaign rolled out across press, trade, in-agency and digital media.

results for the campaign