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Home Truths

How we got Australia's MPs to stop talking and listen


Leading up to the 2012 Budget, the prevailing opinion among Australian Federal MPs was that our aged care system was broken, prompting plans for widespread reform.

BUPA Aged Care disagreed with the plans. They successfully run 48 private residential aged care facilities in Australia; evidence that the system did work. But they hadn’t yet been part of the debate.

We needed to ensure BUPA’s voice was heard by the relevant politicians, and shift political opinion on aged care before the reforms were passed.


Home Truths: a cross-platform lobbying campaign that would create perception of public support for BUPA’s ideas that MPs couldn’t ignore.

To give MPs first-hand experience of aged care homes, we invited them to visit one – with a personalised direct mail video invite that voiced the opinions of residents and their families.

We also created a series of pre-printed postcards for the public to sign and send to their politicians, and people could share their support online by contributing to a video petition.

results for the campaign