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Breathe Right: Sleep Hangover

How we achieved a PR reach of over 27 million while educating cold and flu sufferers about Sleep Hangovers


For the majority of consumers, nasal strips weren’t even on their radar when it came to over-the-counter treatments for cold and flu. We needed to shift perceptions and position Breathe Right as the go-to adjunctive treatment alongside cold and flu medicines.


A PR campaign introducing Australians to the Sleep Hangover, a condition experienced after a poor night’s sleep due to nasal congestion.

All major news outlets were contacted with a tailored pitch around the Sleep Hangover campaign while top-tier lifestyle bloggers created bespoke, organic posts that were relevant to their audiences.

We brought acclaimed UK sleep expert, Nick Littlehales, to Australia, to share top tips for getting the best night's sleep and promote Breathe Right through interviews with national TV, print and online media outlets.

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