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Website & Application Design

How we helped InsuranceLine transform their online acquisition business model


InsuranceLine sold its life insurance products primarily via direct response channels to drive leads into their call centre. Facing increasing acquisition costs, they needed to completely overhaul their online shop front and application process to open up a new sales channel and future-proof their acquisition model.


Insights were gathered through extensive user research including focus groups, quantitative research and iteratively testing prototypes using eye-tracking. We collaborated with TAL Direct's IT team to help define the middleware and policy management systems that allow for 'straight through' processing of applications. Ultimately we produced a new website that:

1. Allows for life insurance products to be purchased entirely online - an Australian first for the direct life insurance market.

2. Creates the framework to deliver much more content that answers consumer questions, thus replicating the positive aspects of the call centre experience and increasing our Google footprint.

3. Is accessible and designs for all screen sizes in response to the behaviours of our increasingly mobile older target consumers.