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The Sunshine Coast: Smartphone Code of Conduct

How we got the world to take notice of the Sunshine Coast by enabling people to be in the moment


We were tasked with increasing awareness of Australia’s Sunshine Coast as a place to reconnect with your loved ones and the world around you, a place to 'Make the most of the moment'.


There is a major social issue preventing us from being “in the moment”:  Smartphone addiction. So we created the Sunshine Coast’s Smartphone Code of Conduct, promoting seven simple mindful behaviours.

We built a coalition of local restaurants, hotels, businesses and tourist attractions who integrated the Code and ‘Unplugged Zones’ into the on-the-ground experience.

We broke the story first in Australian national TV, print, online and radio news. And soon journalists and bloggers the world over picked it up and wrote about the Sunshine Coast’s bold new campaign.

results for the campaign