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NSW Government

Answer the Call

How we encouraged Australians to act upon their innate connection to nature


Develop a platform and campaign that amplifies memorable experiences at National Parks, driving awareness and consideration to visit in Under 35s.


The call of nature is more than a feeling, it’s deep in our roots, it’s innate, its primal, it’s our natural instinct. As an opposite reaction to our always on, stressful lives, the call of nature is a strong force that pulls us closer to our natural state
We’re increasingly conscious of the effects of nature on our state of health and on climate change
We’re eating real food, paleo is almost mainstream and functional, primal and outdoor fitness is where its at
We’re bringing the outside in, into our homes and offices, building vertical gardens, rooftop green spaces and community veggie lots
But amidst our daily stressors, we forget that the real source of nature is not that far away.
By encouraging our target to listen to and act upon their innate connection to National Parks, we challenged them to “Answer the Call”