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Account Director (Sydney)

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Reporting to: Group Account Director

Your clients see you as a motivated, authoritative and trusted business lead.  Agency colleagues know you’re a rock solid champion of effective creative and strategic work with an over-developed sense of personal accountability. Agency management believe you capable of growing business and delivering ambitious revenue targets on your clients. 

In your six plus years working in marketing, you’ve worked on some big clients with complex stakeholder arrangements. You’ve helped run all kinds of projects, strategic and campaign-based, and have developed integrated project management skills working closely with strategy and production to develop proposals and scopes of work, and can comfortably manage the production process including shoots when required.

As an Account Director, you have the drive and personality to build personal and professional relationships with Director-level clients and have learned how to manage strong personalities. You know how to sell the value of our agency’s thinking rather than our agency’s time, and understand the power of data to measure the impact of our work on our clients businesses.

You are passionate about getting the best out of a team, and you have the ability to delegate and coach junior members of the team, rather than ‘do’ everything yourself. You are committed to ensuring your team become agency superstars, taking personal responsibility for their impact and continued growth. Working in a small, entrepreneurial team environment appeals to you and you’re comfortable wearing many hats as the team grows and we build our client portfolio.

Key Responsibilities

  • Direct the creation and delivery of category defining creative work to our clients

  • Own the financial performance of your clients including revenue and profitability

  • Maximise client satisfaction by expanding and cementing our relationship

  • Make the work, the people and the culture as great as they can be. Push boundaries.


  • Be a trusted business partner and know how to elegantly stand your ground

  • Lead client creative presentations, and present work concisely and convincingly. 

  • Maintain awareness of the macro environment our clients operate within (commercial & personal) and listen profoundly to what is being communicated (or not!)

  • Understand our clients’ wider category and industry dynamics – market share, position, what drives success for Clients’ business - and commit to moving the metrics that matter

  • Proactively identify cross-sell, innovative and additional revenue opportunities from our Clients


  • Take responsibility for maintaining financial records on all client jobs

  • Review and maintain revenue forecasts (weekly)

  • Complete JCR reviews (monthly)

  • Detailed annual forecasting for specified clients with quarterly review


  • Provide strong creative judgment. Defend and nurture great creative work.

  • Challenge client briefs and encourage the whole team to exceed expectations

  • Look for ways to make the unfeasible happen. Don’t kill creativity.

  • Drive respect for budgets and deadlines, but equally work to ensure we have the time, space and money to make the best work possible

Project Management

  • Pull teams together; consult and involve the right people at the right time. Respect their input.

  • Effectively lead meetings to ensure focus is clear, and time is spent efficiently.

  • Ensure all jobs are accurately estimated, timings are optimised & production is managed to deliver the requisite quality on time & on budget.

People Development

  • Build a team of high performers through regular career development planning, goal-setting and regular informal feedback and coaching

  • Identify training requirements (internal where appropriate) and promote a culture of continual learning and self-improvement

  • Share credit and shoulder responsibility

(Almost) nothing is sacred

It’s easy to complain about the way things are. But we’re not a massive multinational corporation with rules and regulations set out and dictated by invisible overlords in Singapore or Paris. So if there’s something we think could be done better, rather than complaining, we encourage everyone to invest the energy in bringing about constructive change.

Full Disclosure! Not everyone is right for us, or us for them.

  • We expect everyone to be commercially astute and fiscally responsible.

  • Things move fast and change constantly. Get used to it!

  • We don’t have traditional ‘support staff’. It’s a team effort.

  • We try not to hire (and don’t tend to retain) divas, gossips or egomaniacs.

  • We expect our team to learn new skills, quickly.

  • We swear a lot.

The Six Pillars Of Us

We Push Boundaries

You are someone who is hungry to make a bigger contribution, and who is able to pick up new skills quickly (ie a lifelong learner). If something feels a little bit ‘out there’ or seems difficult to pull off, you will take the bull by the horns and give it your best shot. You don’t quit easily!

We Get Shit Done

In your role, you have lots of examples of making things happen - quickly, smoothly and with an elegance that just can’t be taught. Working calmly, efficiently and accurately is how you like to roll.

We Listen Profoundly

Helping people overcome difficulties is your superpower, because you listen profoundly to what people say they want, and then unearth information to help deliver what they actually need. You are patient with people who aren’t always as organised as you. You are also good at anticipating potential calamity and steering the ship away from any submerged icebergs.

We Speak Our Minds

You’re upbeat, confident, friendly and emotionally intelligent which means you’re pretty good at speaking your mind. You should be totally at ease with face to face communication - you’re a people person, not a leave-me-alone-I-have-my-headphones-on type.

We Look After Each Other

You relish working with a fun and friendly team and usually form tight relationships with people you work with. You are hard-wired to solve problems and bring a little bit of levity to work.  

We Have Fun

We are obsessed with protecting and feeding our company culture. You share this enthusiasm, and want to help us build a good humoured, collaborative, politically neutral team environment. You are kind of funny, curious and full of totally unfeasible ideas for cultural initiatives, and prepared to make some of them happen!

If this sounds like you, please send your CV to detailing your client experience and selected case studies.

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